The performance industry and the impact of Covid-19.

I work for two different clients who are in the theater industry. And it’s tough.

Imagine that your source of income has evaporated. But you still have the rent to pay. And the dancers, artists, and actors. They are all on contract and must get paid.

And there is no national strategy to get over this. Perhaps some local ordinance. A state mandate. But those are sporadic and seem not effective while they have crippled the business.

For my business, this has been an impact. But I can diversify and find clients in other industries.

But for this industry, there is no alternative

Yes. They have been putting together open air performances, at a fraction of the audience (and revenue).

On-line performance has been an alternative. Hamilton did so with Disney. But only those huge productions can possibly support the effort.

I value this industry as you know you do. The arts are so important to humanize us. For us to connect. Be. Cry. Dream.

What can we all do? Tough question.

Support these initiatives. Donate. Participate. Spread the word. I am donating promotional shoots to support marketing.

And I love it.