202-Portfolio build-farm portrait
202-Portfolio build-farm portrait
Erickson Farms

This is one of my favorite images from the portfolio.  This is Jeff and his son Luke shot at Erickson Farms, Cannon Falls, Minnesota.

This is actually the second spot at this location.  I saw this amazing streak of natural light coming though the roof and realized I could use this as a great graphical element to lead the viewer into the image.

My modus operandi is this:  Get the talent to relax then bam!

So I did this:  As I repositioned and set up the lights (thanks to Michael, my assistant, for being so flexible), I carried on a discussion with some teasing and jokes, making for a relaxed atmosphere.

As I completed the light setup, I popped off some test shots before the “real shoot”.  There it was, the two of them in this contemplative moment.  Bam!