CDs, ADs, Creatives read this:  I want to make your job easier!

One thing I truly believe, while working on a project with the creative team, is that the work needs to be a true collaboration of all involved to get the best product.  From the pre-planning to the on-the-fly creative process on the set.

That said, when woking with creatives on a project or showing my portfolio, I love to probe on how to make their day easier. Why? I guess I’m just a nice guy that way😉.

But seriously, if the whole creative process is pain free, the actual creating part becomes more fluid, enjoyable, and a larger part of the whole process. Throughout my career(s), I’ve made it a point to get good at the stuff I don’t like (so that I’m efficient) so I can spend more time doing the things I love.

Here is a good example.

I was recently showing my book to the amazing team at Greenspring Media (yes, I have one of those old-school, tactically cool, things where you have to turn large pages to view the image portfolio). While you may not have heard of Greenspring, they have been around for 40 years. This is the company that publishes the very well known Minnesota Monthly and Midwest Home lifestyle publications along with customized branded solutions and web-based media platforms.

During the viewing, I asked: “How can I make your day easier? No, seriously…”

Mandy, Paul, and Ben are a big portion of the creative team there. They described the number of publications that they support by laying the various magazines and collateral on the table.

One thing that came up was proofing. What a hassle. Sometimes physical prints are exchanged. Trying to match file names. Going back and forth with the client. Keeping track of it all! How can this be made easer?! Ben suggested possibly an on-line tool. And can the creative director be removed from the process when the client simply must select the favorites?

The timing was perfect as I was in the process of blowing up and rebuilding my website and blog.

Based on this feedback, I spent several days looking for an on-line proofing/culling solution I could incorporate into a secure client area on my website. I finally found the perfect tool that also integrates well into my workflow (making it easy for me, too!). Through email notification, multiple people (creative team, the client) can view and select their favorites separately and notify me of the selections. All electronic. Easy and seamless.

One less pain in the derrière. Now we all will have more time for the stuff we love….

Let me show you my book and discuss how I can collaborate more easily with you.