Cool Heads + Creative Team = Great Photography Shoot

232-MarthaÕs Gardens

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever walked into a situation with a plan, got there, and realized that the plan couldn’t possibly work?

This happened as I landed at Martha’s Gardens to shoot Martha Lunde, the locally famous florist and owner.  When I got there, I was hit with the reality that the plan we had worked on certainly would not work, killing any notion this would be a cookbook shoot. It’s daunting enough to coordinate a shoot in an operating business– never mind starting from scratch again on the concept and on the fly!  Oh, and we had three hours…

We needed a plan. We gathered Martha’s staff together and reviewed the shoot concepts.

The issue was that a huge wedding was in work taking up more of the space in the shop than was expected (based on the pre-shoot site visit and planning).  Flowers were everywhere and could not be disturbed as the flower shop team was under a massive deadline.

Well, there’s good news: Martha and her staff are amazingly creative and adaptable.

How we solved the backdrop

We needed a plan. We gathered Martha’s staff together and reviewed the shoot concepts. After realizing that shooting in the flower studio would not work, we scoped out an alley outside that was actually an area for storage–we could rearrange things enough to create the needed space.

Keep in mind that this was an alley!  We needed to have a soft backdrop that wold fit the concept.  Not the red bricks and doorways…

Improvise again! We decided that with the material on hand, we could “borrow” the material for the afternoon to create a backdrop. The creative team at Martha’s was amazing and put this together beautifully to match the feel of the concept.

Building the backdrop was going swimmingly. But then….

We ran out of material!

Well, improvise again. I knew that if I could get Marth surrounded by the backdrop, I could fill in the rest in post. Problem solved!


Setting up the lights went smoothly. In steps Martha. She had her hair and makeup done for the shoot, but added in a hand-made flower headdress!   The headdress blew me away!  Totally unexpected! But now that I know Martha, it is totally her.

Martha admitted she was nervous. But as we talked and joked in a relaxed atmosphere, the expression popped out for the image…

So in the end, cool heads and creative teamwork prevailed. The flexible staff and Martha’s great character and expression made the image.

Ever have a situation start like this and have to scramble?

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